Friday, September 24, 2004

Busy week. Traditional spinning wheel's on its way to LisaJoy. Monkee received her box with the Fairisle Pillow she offered to finish and some yarn to thank her for taking a UFO /and/ some stash off my hands. Also received Lady Bean's learn to spin kit, as she decided it wasn't for her. The wool that came with is is some lovely gray and even prettier and soft hand painted dark green/blue/etc. I'm still strongly considering sending back the yarn I spin from the wool in her kit, so she can at least knit something from it. Maybe I can ply the two together to stretch them out a bit more. Hm. I'll have to see how that'll look. Definitely will spin it to lace weight at the very least to maximize yardage.

Shapely Tee is almost completely assembled. Bad me, I didn't block it first. I'm sure I'll need to at least wash and pat it out flat before I can wear it out in public for the first time, every edge is rolling like mad.

The secret pal thing in the works is...well, in the works. The 'eyebrow' yarn scarf for Clauie is on its second to last ball of yarn and growing quickly as it's my main project while at work. Yes, people look at it weird 'cause it's a giant, furry, purple/acid green/turquoise/brown mess, but hey, that WAS the intended effect.

Note to self: Be careful to NOT drop the drop spindle I made. One edge of the whorl is already lightly damaged from dropping it at Dad's. I was so busy watching Auri (the terrier) sniff at the spindle that I didn't notice I'd overdrafted and the yarn was about to break. Ouch. Oh well, it was all of $3.00 in materials. I can always make another if this one dies. Or heck, I could actually get my Ashford Joy out of its case and use IT for a change. It's just so much less portable than a spindle.

Add'l note to self: Look at Greensleeves Spindles website again and decide if the Mastiff/Butcher's Crown in Cocobolo and the Lazy Kate are in my price range. Earlyanna's waiting for the request and fundage.

Anything else...oh, yes. That damned fly had better get the HELL away from my monitor before I swat the ever living crap out of it.

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Because Monkee said my WIP and UFO list made her dial up connection cry, I've eliminated progress bars on everything except active WIPs. And yes, the WIPS ARE actually making progress. Just slowly.

Also of note: The Fairisle pillow will be on its way to Monkee this weekend(probably along with my sweaters' worth of Tahki Chelsea Silk in forest green tweed), and I'm considering sending the lace stole to the frog pond and turning it into an economy-sized Clapotis.

Must remember to dig up all lace patterns I have and don't plan to use to take to swap with Ice Feather along with the Irish lace and the Opera cottons I've not already broken into. I wish I had more lace weight stuff, but I'm just not that big a fan of knitting with 00 needles, and I'm not so mean as to try and unload mystery acrylic lace weight stuff on her.

Also in consideration: A UFO I'd forgotten about (dk brown alpaca in lace edged blouse) is going to the frog pond so Ceci can use the size 2 Crystal Palace Bamboo circulars on her first baby sweater...what to do with the yarn now? It's fingering to lace weight but the original 15 balls turned into mounds of bits and pieces with a fair amount of useable length left. I bought this stuff nearly 10 years ago from eBay, and at the time didn't know anything about moth-eaten and didn't recognize that the yarn had in fact been severely munched on until way too late. I'm considering carrying it doubled or tripled for something lush and super easy just to get the yarn used up and out of my stash. Or is someone willing to take a mound of dark brown lacy-breaky alpaca from me to try and salvage?

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Susan, I'm knitting a birdcage cover for a friend of mine who has cockatiels (the little gray and yellow birds). I drafted the pattern to fit her birdcage, and she's knitting one too.

Oh, by the way, for everyone: The names of each of my WIPS, UFOs, etc are links so you can take a look-see...if I have an image, that is. I need to get images of the ones I'm still missing.

In other news, someone asked about the double increase used in the Girl from Auntie cable patterns. I know I posted about it before, and I still have the photos to go with it, but this time I remembered to save it as a text file also. Here's a link to that topic, with my instructions.

Double Increase Thread

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

I know, I know. I need to post more often. But really, this week has been a slow-knitting week. I finished the capelet and matching hat for my younger sister, need to wash/block and put them in the mail to her.

I've also started the disassembly/reassembly on this nifty secret pal thing I'm making for my secret pal. Can't go into any more detail than that. Someone may be listening. *looks around all paranoid-like*

I still need to break my WIPs list into active WIPs, waiting WIPs, UFOs, and things to be ripped out. Oh, and FOs, though I have a feeling that section won't see much activity at all. Maybe I can do that now.

Edit: There. Changes made. I hope it makes looking at that ridiculously long list a little more tolerable.

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