Thursday, June 30, 2005

Blog: Ceci got an email back from Blogger support, and the thing with the text getting pushed way down on the page is a known bug and they're working to correct it. If you say so. I'm holding my breath over here. Really.

Knitting, sort of: Finally, photos of the bedsheets Ceci got me for my birthday. Go to my Gallery album to see more photos, including closeups of the cute knitting critters. For those of you that might wonder, yes, that is a light fleece blanket on my bed. And no, it didn't stay there. ;)

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Demonic Possession, or just dumb Blogspot?

My blog is still doing weird stuff, pushing the text all the way down below the last image in the left side margin. I don't know what I did to mess this up, and Monkee even in a fit of niceness (but she won't ever admit to that) looked at the code here and couldn't find anything weird. She deemed it demonic possession. I'm more and more inclined to agree.

Hopefully it'll get fixed soon. On the good side, I think I got the text in the center column to show up a little bigger. Let me know if it's easier to read now.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Okay, I have no idea what's going on with my blog's page. All of the text is WAY DOWN there and I don't know what to do to fix it. Sorry, everyone. Hopefully I can impose on the goddess of webpages Wendy to help me figure out what I screwed up....but that won't happen until she gets back from vacation. with it.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

WIPs: Raglan Tee is gone. Gauge was all wrong. To get stitch gauge, row gauge was too long, and that's important with raglan shaping. To get row gauge, stitch gauge goes way off. Screw it. I'll have to figure something else out for that yarn. Maybe a top down pattern. Speaking of, I started a top down set in sleeve top for myself from some Sirdar Cariba DK that's been in my stash for over 12 years. So far so good, but I'm still just barely doing the neckline shaping.

Nothing else of interest going on, just some bland spinning and languishing gauntlets. What else is new?

On the homefront: Finally moved the 2'x 2' dresser out of my room. I had forgotten how big this room feels. I have floor again. And I can see the barrister's bookcase stuffed with my nicer yarns. Ceci's already been oohing and ahhing at stuff she'd forgotten I have. Been playing a lot more CoH lately. Probably because we still don't have a TV set after clearing that room to put in the new flooring that wouldn't go in. Damnit.

Temptations: Of Troy's Ouroboros baby sweater was FASCINATING. And I have a copy of that book given to me as a gift. Hm....

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Most of the weekend insanity is over and done with, thank the gods. Frantic cleaning, frantic cleaning, baby shower preparations, baby shower, baby shower aftermath, spending time with Mom and Clauie and then Dad and Mamash and then coming home to cleaning the leftovers from the baby shower.... it was worth it. For pictures, go check out Ceci's blog (Intarsia button to the left).

So today I vow to do as little as I can get away with, and so far I'm succeeding. I did manage to get part of my yarn stash back under control -- Ceci and I had been pulling skein after skein of yarn to test stuff, and never putting them back, so I had piles of loose skeins of yarn and boxes with room to spare. How everthing's back in a box where it belongs. Well, except for current WIPs but that's normal.

Anyway, can't think of anything else to say, so I'm going to go knit now. Or play City of Heroes. Not sure which.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

I'm in a much better mood today, aren't you all glad? ;) Anyway, as I promised bestest buddy Renee, here are photos of the completed Wavy and more!

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Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm in a crabby mood so I'm going to rant a crabby rant that I've been biting my tongue about for weeks.

What the HELL is with people on the Coffeeshop being so incapable of even stopping to read their own post for typos before hitting submit? I mean, please. I fyou cant' esven see that your'e fucking yup everyythign youer' saying, wny tghe hell are you psoting?? See what I mean? AUGH!!!

Okay, that rant is done. Here are some other crabby rants.

Can you tell my work day has SUCKED so far? My whole work week for that matter? Oh, and I have lovely fucking TRAFFIC to deal with on 35 on my way home. They've closed 2/3 of southbound 35 EVERY NIGHT this week to do god knows what with the overhead signs. Driving at night is painful enough with truck and car headlights stabbing me in the face from both in front of me and behind, but sitting in fucking traffic with a semi blinding my's enough to make me want to scream. Yesterday I moved ALL of my mirrors so I wouldn't have to look at that fucking semi anymore.

Then I get to go home and deal with Crackbaby crawling all over me and not shutting up and tyler getting into everything he's not supposed to and laundry.....may I just please get some PEACE AND QUIET for a change?

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's official: DonnaSC and Josie Weiss both liked the buttons made, so I'm putting them to use here. If you want a copy for yourself, feel free to download it from here. Remember kids, hotlinking from another person's site is not only rude, it makes me angry. Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Thank the gods! Wavy is DONE! I vow to not make anything else with endless amounts of ribbing for at least a year or so. Photo available soon, and hopefully eventually a photo of it keeping bestest buddy Renee's sister warm! Sorry to say, though, that the hat is going to have to wait a little while. I don't know if I can stand to look at ribbing again at least for now. ;)

The kimono pants are done, really. I just need to weave in all the niggly little ends (probably will do that today) and then go find/buy the ribbon stuff with the snaps already in place to sew onto the legs. Voila! Tick's got an ensemble.

The gauntlets are progressing slowly but steadily, they're pretty much my 'in my purse when I don't have anything else on hand' knitting so I expect them to progress slowly. At least it's the second one, and I'm almost to the last forearm decrease. It'll feel like it's going more quickly from there.

The crocheted chenille wrap....I have to guiltily admit I've been letting it languish. Mostly because crochet is more right-handed than knitting and as busy as we've been at work lately I've been going home with my right hand just TIRED from typing. I don't want to make it worse. I wonder if it'd be noticable if I started crocheting it lefthanded...

On the spinning wheel: Still more of my old regular schmegular wool being spun up in lace weight. I hope it turns out to be useable. Anyone want some lace/fingering weight wool to play with when I'm done spinning it? I think after I use this stuff up I'm going to go back to something softer, like the coopworth or maybe the NZ 19 micron merino I have waiting for me. I had not realized how coarse the stuff I'm spinning currently is until i compared it to my Palanca Farms wool. WOW.

So, who all is with me on the World Wide KIP Day that Nonokitty has posted about on the Coffeeshop? I think the current plan is to meet at one of the bookstores in/near/around the Arboretum area in the early afternoon. Renee bestest buddy, you're going to be there, right? :) Even if no one else shows up, I'll go wander around a bookstore for a couple of hours and get some knitting done while I look at all the books on the shelves. Or maybe I'll drive on up to Bluebonnet and FINALLY find some feltable wools to match that lovely wool/mohair yarn Janet bought at a craft fair thing that she and her husband Kevin and I went to like last year or something. She's been waiting patiently for a booga bag or French Market Bag or SOMETHING, and I think I finally might be getting a space on my WIP list for it. Besides, as was proven by my own booga bag, they're a fast and easy knit for me. Something I could really use as most of my projects of late have felt interminably slow.

Well, break time is over. Gotta get back to work. Later!

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