Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ravelry Meetup: Sunday March 16, 2008

The Knitting Nest in Austin is having its second Ravelry Meet-Up this coming Sunday, March 16. Why am I mentioning this? Because Stacy, the owner of the Knitting Nest, asked me to be there as a vendor! So if you're gonna be wandering around South Austin this weekend, drop on by and say hello! (And, um, to laugh at me while I fumble about trying to learn this vendor stuff on the fly. Hm, I wonder if the people here at work would loan me a POS program to use while I'm there.... Kidding! Or maybe I'm not...the thought of having to keep a reciept book is daunting!)

Another thing to woohoo about: Spindlecat Studios agreed to send me some of HER gorgeous markers to offer at the Ravelry Meet-up alongside mine! YAY! We love Spindlecat! Her markers are so gorgeous, I'm considering buying some for myself and making earrings and necklace from them. :) And Ceci has already said she'd love them for earrings too.

And last but not least (by NO means least), Robin is ALSO going to be at the Meet-up as a vendor! YAY!! She's gonna be there with her super mega yummy handspun yarns to sell, as well as demonstrating spinning on a spinning wheel -- and she's borrowed my Ashford Joy to demo with (her gorgeous Kromski Symphony production wheel gets carsick easily so is staying home). So come say hi, and marvel at how scary FAST she is at spinning even on what she calls a "slow" wheel. (Which, when compared to her Symphony is true. My little Joy is like a moped, and her wheel is a Jaguar.)

Hope to see you there. Y'all come down now, hear? :D

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