Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ah, another Sunday come and gone. N'Awstin Knittin' group was awesome, as always. Robin brought a brand new knitter with her, a friend who had tried crochet but found it hurt her hands. Then as most everyone left, Renee and Christi and I relocated to Renee's apartment to keep knitting and to fix a very awesome dinner of hamburgers and fries. While there, one of Hannah's friends dropped by to meet up with her, but she -- being the teenager she is -- promised to be home by 5 and (as of when I left) still hadn't made it home. The poor kid sat and watched TV with us knitting all around him for several hours. That is, until he asked how knitting was done and we got him started learning. *evil grin* Yes, he left for home with a ball of yarn and some needles to keep practicing with. All in all a very productive day.

No photos today, sorry. Maybe tomorrow. But don't bet on it.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wow, I'm actually delivering photos as promised. Don't get used to it.

First, the WIP, Vebjorg. The sleeves are done, no photo here as they're plain old boring sleeves curled up like drinking straws and in need of some serious blocking. The fronts, however...please pardon the unforgivably blurry photo. I didn't use the flash so the colors would be truer, and ended up with shaky-hand blur. Pfeh. I'll take a better photo some other time. Maybe at work in daylight.

Next, a finished object. The Gauntlets that have been on my WIP list for an embarrassingly long time. FINALLY finished.

That's it for now.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Let's see. No new photos, shame on me. Maybe I'll get some tonight when I get home.

Work: I'm a guinea pig now. But I told my boss that I flatly refuse to make guinea pig noises. I'm helping test a new feature of our computer system that (honestly) is a complete and utter piece of crap. But, the head honcho types REALLY want this thing used, so....we get to figure out how to make it tolerable. Yippy skippy.

Knitting: Lace prototype half finished, which means the making-it-up-as-I-go is done. The second half is a mirror of the first, giving me the chance to proof what I've done so far, to make sure it's repeatable. Vebjorg is languishing, it's a bit crobar-knitting for me. I need to invest in some Crystal Palace US 5s or 6s to make it easier on me. Finished the Gauntlets. YAY!

Spinning: Working on the ruby/pink 19 micron merino and it's taking a LONG time to fill up a spindle. I think that means I'm spinning it prety darned thin. Boo hoo. Not. ;)

Photos soon, really!

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