Monday, December 19, 2005


I just sent an email to submit an original pattern design that Ceci and I devised. I have NO idea how it's going to be received. I guess I'll find out eventually. In the meantime, serious updating here.

The colorful wool from the fiber festival -- spun up in one week. Now resembles Playdough when several colors are smushed together. Ceci loves it.

Tick tank top v2.0 started and finished in record time, under 2 weeks. Forgot to take photos of it, gave it to Robin for her daughter to wear until it's too small for her, then it comes back for Tick to wear until it's too small for him, then it'll likely go either to Robin's 2nd baby Brian (who as of last I heard wasn't born yet but was sure trying) or Amy (Hauteknits) and her baby that she recently found out she's pregnant with... or both. They're spaced out far enough apart that all of these kids will have a chance to puke on it. On a tangent... Geez, what is with everyone squirting out babies? If y'all are expecting knitted stuff from me non-stop, too bad! Handspun yarns...okay, that I'll consider. ;)

Garter martyr v2.0 is showing signs of progress. I HOPE to have it finished to maybe submit to either Garter Belt or Knitty. Or maybe both. If I submit to both, hey, maybe I'll have a 12% chance of actually getting it published.

Checkpoint Duo and Vebjorg have both been sitting here on my desk mocking me. Maybe now that I'm getting back into a knitting groove I can get one of them to shut up and stop taunting me. Or, I can start another new project.....

The honkin' huge bag of true black baby alpaca (animal's first shearing) that a friend of Renee's gave to her to give to me...has gone to Robin to be washed, picked, combed, all that good stuff. Because she finds that kind of thing soothing and I find it irritating. I've already got a little baggie-ful of the washed and combed stuff back and it's HEAVENLY. And mine. All mine... you can't have it!

On the home front, things are pretty much same old same old. Ticktock now has a new nickname: Munch. Short for munchkin, but also a verb describing what he's been doing mostly of late. Munching. On his toys, on his clothes, on the corner of a table, on anything he can reach. See?

Yes, that IS Ceci's knee.

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