Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So I'm a lemming. I don't have anything else to talk about.

10 years ago
1995...I was working night shift for Texas Instruments in their clean room. Getting very good money and having ZERO life. Knitted a cardigan for myself, including one sleeve in one sitting -- severe bout of insomnia.

5 years ago
2000...One of my two roomates flaked out and moved to Chicago without advance notice, leaving the other roommate and me trying to cover an apartment that was too expensive. Was working for a laptop repair company with a crappy commute.

1 year ago
2004...Living in Austin with Ceci, working for the company I'm with now, spending all of my spare time either knitting, spinning on my new Ashford Joy, playing EverQuest, or watching TV with Ceci.

Uh...living in Austin with Ceci, workign for the company I'm with now, spending all of my spare time either knitting, spinning, playing City of Heroes, watching TV with Ceci, or helping Ceci with Tick. Not necessarily in that order.

5 snacks
- Mixed nuts, leave out the brazil nuts and cashews, please
- Baked Lays, any besides barbecue
- Sweet n Salty Nut Granola bars - Almond
- Chocolate, any kind
- Licorice

5 songs I know all the words to
- Anything Def Leppard. Really. Try me.
- The Flame, Cheap Trick
- Norweigan Wood, The Beatles
- Music of the Night, The Phantom of the Opera
- One, Metallica

5 things I'd do with 100 million dollars
- Pay off all family debts
- Buy 40+ acres of land outside of Austin, build houses with all amenities on the land for all family members
- Set aside college funds for nephews
- Build the ultimate Yarn Wall
- Invest the remainder to supply income and QUIT THIS JOB

5 places to run away to
- New Zealand
- Catania, Sicily
- Fate, Texas
- San Luis Potosi, Mexico
- The yarn store, any yarn store.

5 things I'd never wear
- Victoria's Secret anything
- Debbie Bliss or Rowan or Missoni anything
- shorts
- short skirts
- Sleeveless/strapless/midriff-baring/back baring/overly revealing clothes
- painfully high-heeled shoes

5 favorite tv shows
- Stargate SG-1
- Battlestar Galactica
- Stargate Atlantis
- Smallville
- MacGyver

5 greatest joys
- Getting to watch the sun rise on a crisp, cold winter morning
- The smell of citrus blossoms
- Crackbaby purring
- knitting WITHOUT hand/wrist pain
- Eight hours to myself with ZERO interruptions (aka people calling me on the phone, people talking to me, people expecting things from me...)

5 favorite toys
- Duncan Midnight Special yo-yo
- AJ the teddy bear
- Ceci's 1967 Bazaar game
- Ramsey the sheep squeak toy
- all of my knitting gadgets

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How lame am I?

First post in weeks, and the only reason I'm adding it is to put this silly little meme thing on here. Though, I'm doing so because the acronym is surprisingly accurate.

Anyway. Things have settled down into a fairly stable routine. Tick's a cute kid, and from what everyone else says, very NOT fussy. I'm inclined to agree. You have to let him get REALLY upset before he starts doing more than little unhappy noises. Like giving him a bath. He HATES that....but I said that way back when, didn't I? He's getting more and more expressive. I need to get some photos of him doing his BIG smile that Ceci calls his "capital D grin"...you know, like the smiley. :D Except that he's started crinkling his eyes with the grin, so it's more like ... uh... I can't find a symbol on my keyboard that portrays scrunched up eyes to go with the D grin. Oh well. I know y'all would rather see photos of the real thing anyway. Check out Ceci's gallery for photos of the little man.

I know everyone else has long since read the new Harry Potter book, but I just barely started it last night. Not a good idea. I was so tired I barely got three pages into it before I fell asleep...and woke up with a NASTY crick in my neck. Sigh. I have even less reading time than I do knitting time, because I can get away with knitting while in the car waiting at traffic lights.

Knitting: On the cap shaping for sleeve #2 of the Vebjorg cardigan for mom, then on to the fun cabling-every-other-row part. Got the yarn to start knitting swatches for the Master Kitter's thing from TKGA that Renee got me for my birthday. She and I are going to cast on at the same time. One of these Sundays. Really. Speaking of Sundays, our posse is growing! Ceci has been able to make it to the last two Sundays that I made it to (once with Tick, once without). Renee's friend Christi drops in pretty often too. And from the Knitty board, the awesome sciencegrrl, kellis_cott, and robincat have started hanging out with us. It gets better every week! (Yes, sciencegrrl, I still have the photos of Chicken wearing her sweater, I need to upload them off of my camera. Soon. I promise. Soon.) Woohoo! And, there's a chance that Hauteknits herself might start trying to join us once in a while. Her husband's been reassigned to Ft. Hood in Killeen, which puts her not close, but within reasonable driving distance from us. How awesome is that??

Spinning: Finished a bag of natural roving (generic wool, don't know the breed it came from). First spindleful was sacrificed to my first attempt at navajo plying. Emphasis on the word 'attempt'. I'll need to try again eventually. It was...less than perfect. Photos of this attempt forthcoming. Started spinning the 'ruby' (aka, rosy pink) 19 micron merino from NZ. Remembering why I love this stuff so much. SMOOOTH and soft and ZERO vm (that's vegetable matter, bits of grass and stuff still in the wool from processing). Only drawback is how compressed the roving is from the dyeing process. I have to pre-draft the heck out of it. Ceci's already claimed it for her own, not surprisingly. I'm spinning it to approximately sport weight, as she said she likes knitting with the thinner stuff. Oh, and awesome part two: robincat is a spinner too! I've finally met another spinner in Austin!

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

EEK! A post! Frightening thought, isn't it? Really, I have nothing enlightening to talk about, so instead I'll post an image of the mohair I finally finished spinning up. Here goes.

Crackie doesn't seem nearly as impressed.

Now, what to do with this stuff....

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Ah, another Monday. Another day of...not relaxing. When did my weekends stop being about resting and start being about ending up MORE tired than I started? Oh well. C'est la vie.

Knitting: For your perusal, images of Vebjörg.

All of the sky blue mohair is spun up. YAY! Now I'm spinning up some other mohair I had in my stash to ply with it. Wow. Feels REALLY different. I'm pretty sure now that the blue stuff is kid mohair, it's so soft and fine. This other stuff is almost up there with human hair. But, it does spin up very smooth and silky-shiny. Sheds like a beast, though.

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