Thursday, October 28, 2004

Sure enough, got plenty of spinning and laundry done. Hand's feeling better but I'm going to keep favoring it while I'm here at work so I'll be able to knit when I get home. 10-key entry crap is hard on the hands and I do a LOT of 10-key stuff. It IS funny, though, when other people try to sit at my desk -- I have my mouse set up left handed now. But anyway, enough of that.

Ceci felted a kitty bed the other night, we took photos last night. I ws SO happy to see my 35mm camera again, it'd had been hiding from me the past few the back of Ceci and Will's van. She's posted some of them on the knitty board (link at left, don't feel like dealing with code), the outtakes were hysterical. In more than one, Crackie looked like he was looking to go potty in the catbed. Really, he was just enthralled by the catnip spray I doused the bed with.

No new news on the knitting front, poor eyebrow yarn scarf is languishing when I could finish it easily...and I'm back to my whining. Give me some cheese. I need to shut up about this. But so help me, if ONE person flippantly says "Well, knit Continental!" I will F*ing strangle them with their own circulars.

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Yet another Friday. Can't knit, can't type, right hand's started bothering me again. Been favoring it heavily all day. Will favor it all weekend, probably. This weekend is going to suck. Hope to get lots of laundry and spinning done.

Abuelita scarf is ready to be blocked, challenge is finding a place in the house safe enough to pin it out for 36 to 48 hours. NOT upstairs. Might be time to break down and make a blocking board for myself.

Work's been hellishly busy this week. Glad I have eyebrow yarn scarf here, makes a great pillow/stress toy when I'm THIS close to losing my mind. Coworker who dubbed the yarn 'eyebrow' yarn was admiring it again. May have to go find some more of this stuff in less girly colors to make him something. May have to make MYSELF something. But no way in hell I'm promising, or even mentioning. Just thinking in text.

Note to self: Oct 22 calendar pattern (woven rib) is interesting enough looking to try at some point. Maybe in the next 20 years if I'm lucky.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

There. I've updated my blog more than once this week. :P

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004




Its, It's -- YADDA YADDA, ETC.

Get with it, people. You are educated adults. You have more than a 3rd grade education (or you should). If you can't avoid such simple mistakes, type your posts into MS Word and let it grammar check you before you hit 'Save'. It's PAINFUL to read! (Imagine how irate I'd be if it were a certain time of the month.)


Ahem. Now that that's out of my system...

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I know, I know. Here's a quick update.

Busy, as usual. Hand dyed handspun for Abuelita is spun, almost completely knitted. Photos eventually. 'Eyebrow' yarn scarf is closer to completion, but has been slowed by the Abuelita scarf. Finished Secret Pal thing, still won't disclose details. Started (Yes, I know) a baby kimono thing from a Debbie Bliss book to road test the pattern before Ceci tries it. Heard too many bad things about her patterns to let Ceci fall victim to them blindly. About 25 rows into the back piece. Have yet to do anything about messed-up Shapely Tee, it's still sitting in the languish pile. Sniper Cozy communique accepted by Wendy, no response from Amy. Going with that as there's a time limit. Ceci loves knitting with LB Fisherman's Wool, particularly when it's been kettle dyed. Dyed more yarn this weekend. 1/2 sken of the LBFW in blue/purple (Ceci's batch) and 1/2 skein pumpkin/tangerine orange (my batch).

Secret Pal sent more fantastic goodies. Another (smaller) bag of the rooster cookies, a second bag of chocolate cookies, a F*ing gorgeous tin with still MORE cookies (you were kinda right, SP, the ones in the tin are not what I was expecting, but still pretty yummy), a little purse closure for those beaded things which I have thread and beads and needles to make, the tough will be which color to use, the adorable Halloween kitty bobble head that sadly Crackbaby has no interest in, and the super-freaky card. Awesome package all around, and the wildly colored tissue paper made me laugh.

Non-knitting front: Went to preliminary D&D meeting today with Ceci, finalized characters, realized D&D 3.5 is rather different, and NOT in a good way. Next session is scheduled for the same night as Brent and Diane's Halloween party, so the group's just gonna have to live without us. Still need to find the skin-markers to draw temp tattoos on with for the Halloween costumes (a bunch of us are going as a biker gang) or at the very least get a hold of some good henna. Can't wait to go back to work with 'tattoos'. The guys'll razz on me for sure.

Okay, that wasn't as brief as I'd planned. Will post more tomorrow. Have Ceci swat me if I don't.

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Friday, October 01, 2004

Another Friday here. I've come to the realization that the ONLY things I can knit at work are plain stockingette in the round items with zero shaping. Okay, I could probably knit flat items too, but I get tired of having to flip the fabric over back and forth, the desk setup isn't exactly roomy like sitting on a sofa. Anything that requires even the slighest bit of attention gets messed up every time the phone rings and I have to drop my knitting to answer it.

Monkee's finished the Fairisle pillow I sent to her...darn she's fast. Must send her something else to keep her busy. Maybe the blue Chinchilla as Ceci's allergic. Or some of the moth-eaten alpaca to play with. Or maybe the Einstein Coat and all associated Manos yarn. I just worry that that raspberry pink is not a good color for her complexion. Yes, anything I send to her stays with her. If I'm not going to finish it, I don't want to see it ever again. What she does with the yarn is up to her. LisaJoy received the spinning wheel and is so happy. I'm really glad, that poor wheel was designed to be a workhorse and needed to see more use than I was giving it.

The Shapely Tee is still wadded up waiting for me to decide what to do with it. Sigh. The birdcage cover is languishing in 'too hot to knit' land right now. My contribution to the Sniper Cozies effort is at about a midway point. I emailed Hotknits about it, have yet to hear back as I want her feedback before I proceed further. Periwinkle wool has been languishing, hope to get the Joy back out once I'm done with the hand dyed wool. Speaking of that, I'm ALMOST almost done spinning it, it's turning out between 20 and 24 wraps per inch doubled. I must be insane. Still thinking about Feather and Fan stitch once it's spun and the twist is set. If I find a simpler and prettier lace (maybe Cozy?) I may go with that instead.

Secret Pal thing is still progressing, though after sneaky-reading some blogs I might have a new project for this weekend to put in the mailing that will go out on Monday. Thankfully it IS something fairly quick to assemble and will hopefully go over well.

Drat. Clauie (younger sister. Hi, Clauie!) found out about this blog. So much for keeping surprise gifts noted here. Thankfully, she only knows about the 'eyebrow yarn' scarf, not any of my other nefarious plans.

Errands to run this weekend: Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Lowe's, World Market, Instep, Container Store (maybe), Wal Mart (maybe), post office. (Why not go to these places after work you say? I don't get out of work until 9pm so all of these places except the WalMart are closed by the time I'm getting into my car.) Go to Dad's on Monday to spend the day...or is he coming here? Can't remember. Regardless, too many things going on, not enough patience to deal with them all at once.

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