Sunday, January 29, 2006

Finally officially heard back on my pattern submission. The answer is a polite "No Thanks". Which honestly is okay by me. That means I don't have to RUSH to get a sample knitted up within a deadline. I can take my time and offer it up to Zib and the other lovely ladies at The Garter Belt.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blah, blah, blah. No pictures today, deal. I don't expect comments anymore anyway. I should disable the comments thing and spare myself a bit of bandwidth. I must be PMSing, I'm being such a crab today. Again, deal with it.

Still haven't heard back about that pattern submission, and considering that I was told from a source I trust that word was supposed to go out a WEEK ago, I'm taking the silence as a "no thanks". I'll get the pattern ready and offer it up to the ladies at the Garter Belt, or if nothing else, post it here for others to try. Prototype v2.0 is being worked on SLOWLY but surely.

In the meantime, FINALLY finished the Squareout blanket. Considering submitting the pattern (as ridiculously simple as it is) to the Garter Belt. Garter Martyr is progressing steadily, I'm almost to the official halfway point.

Picked Vebjorg back up because I really needed some soft, wooly, natural knitting after working on Squareout with some particularly obvious petroyarn.

Currently on the spinning wheel is (many apologies) some unspun stuff that raeknits gifted to Ceci and me. I started knitting two plies of it into a pair of longies for Lil Brent, but it was frustrating me. It's on DPNs and to prevent laddering I had to tug it exactly hard enough to break the unspun plies. Let's see. Frequent breakage, ladders. Tearing the yarn at every needle, ladders. Pfeh. I didn't like either choice so I went with C. I'm spinning the stuff and plying it into a 2-ply. Convenient, huh? The gauge hasn't changed and the texture change is only kind of noticable. After that's done I'm going to spin up another spindleful to practice my navajo plying, then space dye some roving and navajo ply that to see how it turns out. Wish me luck.

Now for a work related mini-rant. I HATE HATE HATE SAM'S CLUB! It's crap like what they're dumping on us and the spinelessness on our company's bossly side that is making our incoming calls TRIPLE and nothing we can do about it. And they're expecting us to KEEP UP with that crap without adding a SINGLE new body on the phones. I'm sorry, but if you expect me to get carpal tunnel syndrome for YOUR stupid butts, it ain't gonna happen. I am not busting my butt for ANYONE anymore. Y'all can sit on it. Ahem. End mini-rant.

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