Saturday, February 26, 2005

New host, more pictures!

A thousand million thanks to Wendy the Goddess of the Website for migrating my blog over from the very nice free hosting service to an even better paid hosting service that gives me GOBS of room to put stuff. Oh, and check out more of Wendy's awesome codework on the main front page of my spiffy wonderful new website! Wendy, since I know your hubby helped with the coding part, what can I send just for him? I'm actually willing to break out the leatherworking kit, too. Let me know. :)

Let me leave y'all with a parting image. Per Monkee's vehement request, here is a photo of a new member of the household, Hannah.

Hannah is Katie's dog...Katie being Will's sister, Will being Ceci's husband. Looks all sweet and innocent, doesn't she? That's what she WANTS you to think. ;)

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday. I'm tired. I have nothing interesting to say.

Blanket moving along slowly but steadily. Wavy progressing in fits and spurts. Just started repeat 3, lost the instructions, and don't need them anyway. Periwinkle wool very noticably diminished. If I keep up the pace on it, I'll actually be done with the stuff by....May? Next up for Joy: Pink superwash...or some of the undyed. Not sure yet. Want to invest in that flyer thing someone mentioned in Knitty. If it works, very much worth the $125ish. Maybe birthday present to myself.

Monkee keeps pestering for more of my WIPs to finish. Debating what to send.

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

More photoage, as promised.

... well, phooey. It won't load. Fine. Here's a link to it on yahoo photos. Pfeh.

Crackbaby lounging on fair isle pillow

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*yawn* Why do I feel like I didn't get enough sleep when I know I did? Oh, wait, y'all are here for knitting content. Here goes:

The 5-hour baby sweater that Ceci's knitting from the dyed Cotton Tots. Sorry about the wonky/uneven bottom edge on it, I couldn't get those darned needles to lay flat for anything. I started an identical sweater at almost the exact same time as Ceci(remember the 'why the *#&$ am I doing all these increases and decreases if there's nothing resulting???' fiasco), but I've not been working on it at all. Instead, the entrelac blanket has seen noticable progress. It was originally going to be all entrelac squares of 10 stitches each, but true to form I was getting bored. So I finished off the section without binding off (that was interesting) then started what's now the 'middle' section of the blanket. I was originally going to be boring and just make it plain garter, but then a psycho idea hit me. HUGE entrelac. If I make one starting triangle the width of the entire blanket then I can make two side triangles and one top finishing triangle. Like I said, psycho. I'll have to photograph it soon to show the progress on my descent into insanity.

On the photography front: Not much to mention. Snagged a few photos of Monkee while she was here visiting, hadn't planned on sharing them with anyone, and now for sure won't as she's being nice and not posting any of Ceci or me.

Speaking of Monkee, we had a FUN visit! Ceci got no sleep thanks to Tinny and an overnight thunderstorm so I headed on down to Hill Country Weavers by myself, knitting and camera and mental spending limit ready. I got to HCW about 10 minutes before they opened because traffic was lighter than I had planned on, sat and knitted in the car for a little while, then went to sit on the shop's front porch after I saw other people entering. It was just so pretty and peaceful sitting there, I didn't even knit while sitting. (Yes, despite the traffic roaring by with that tires-on-wet-road hissing noise it was peaceful.) After I don't know how long I started getting cold so I went inside to browse until Monkee and mom (Hi, Tabitha!) arrived. Saw way too many nice things as usual, resisted ALL of them. Go me. I DID pick out a gift for Zibibbo within my preset spending limit, and no, I can't be tricked into revealing what it is. Once the wayward Houstonites arrived we camped out in the shop's classroom, claiming half their table in one fell swoop of overstuffed knitting bags. I gave Monkee and Tabitha the gifts I'd brought for them and they gave me gifts they'd brought for Ceci and me. (Reminds me, I need to post the photo of Crackbaby crashed out on the fair isle pillow.) We hung out, chatted, browsed, helped the lady minding the shop untangle some Muench Touch Me yarn(did I spell that right?), and finally completed our purchases and packed up to leave. Sure didn't feel like we spent over 2 hours there. Then we called Ceci and swung by the house to consolidate vehicles and get food plans settled. The decision: Freebirds! WOO! As always, it was a big hit (yes, everyone who visits us gets dragged there, and no one has been disappointed ) and we found out that there's a Freebirds in Houston now. I think it's even reasonably close to Monkee's home. Then we went back to the house and all crammed into my room to sit and chat some more and get dog-drooled and dog-sneezed on and to share spinning tips. And yes, Monkee did make out like a bandit, leaving with more stuff from my stash. That's the way I wanted it. I AM trying to whittle it down. So, that was the day in a nutshell....kinda.

And life has been...drab since. Work, home, work, home, TV, upgrade PC to XP, blah blah blah.

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