Thursday, November 25, 2004

Top down hat crown shaping done. Yay for LB TnQ and size 15 needles. I used a kfb increase on it, and I'm incorporating the little purl bumps into a visual design on the main body of the hat. Still unsure if the little purl bumps are going to meld into seed stitch or garter. Most likely garter as it's easier for me. Then I can make some garter/stockingette diamond shapes in the mondo-scarf to stave off boredom and make it coordinate with the hat. Maybe.

Gray fiber on Wobble progressing at a good pace. At work, no less. Might be able to start plying this weekend. My new manager walked by today while I was on break. I didn't know what kind of reaction to expect when he saw me at my desk SPINNING, but all he said as he passed by was, "That is so cool." Made me feel good. :)

I'm suspecting that the grey fiber I'm spinning on Wobble is NOT wool. It's mohair or something funky. It's got a staple length of OVER six inches and almost no crimp whatsoever. And it sheds like a beast. Very pretty though. Spins up dreamy smooth and heathery because it's a blend of warm browny greys ranging from silvery pale to nearly black. Sadly, the burn test can't tell animal fibers apart. I wish it could.

Taking all of my newly acquired spindles and Joy to work tomorrow. I hope it's quiet enough to actually put Joy to work, but I'm not going to be disappointed if it's not. Also taking pliers etc and the wire to make the last three stitch markers for DonnaSC as my part of the swap. I need to get them done to mail on Monday, as I already have the Dainties. Also need to finish the wrist distaff I'm making for her husband. I hope he likes it. I had no idea what kinds of beads to use for him color and shape-wise, so I bought black and white and silver simple mixed shapes. Safe enough, yes?

Need to put eyebrow yarn scarf into Clauie's box and put it in the mail too....before eyebrow scarf decides that THIS is home.

Welp, work tomorow. Good night.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Short update, need to get to sleep on time for a change.

Got the uber-wonderful Greensleeves Hound drop spindle from Earlyanna. Already finished spinning up all of the dark blue/green/brown from LaBean's learn to spin kit on it. Spinning the gray from aforementioned learn to spin kit on Wobble, will ply together when I'm done. It's going faster now, I think I'm getting better at this drop spindle thing.

Need to get Joy back out and get some more done there. Haven't touched it since Halloween night when I filled a spindle on the drive to Waco and plied a skein while chatting with people at Brent and Diane's. It's visible progress and I want to see ALL of that darned periwinkle stuff DONE.

Considering taking Joy with me to work on Thursday. /MIGHT/ be quiet enough then to get some spinning done. I know for sure I'll at the very least have Wobble with me, maybe even another spindle to start plying the dark varieg. and grey if I get that much done by then.

Also got two beautimous dainty little spindles from DonnaSC and her husband. Neither of them weighs more than .5 oz, it's amazing. I'm totally in love. Started trying my hand at the soysilk that came with Joy on one of them. Slippery darned stuff. Gonna take getting used to.

Got back into knitting stuff, finally, but still at a very reduced pace. No big projects/tiny yarns for now, and knitting Continental-ish. Made a top down hat (TLC Amore', color Red Velvet) for Ceci to replace one she'd made for Doris's grandson Brian (Or was it Brandon? Why can't I ever keep their names straight?) but couldn't find when Doris told her the boys would be back from Korea in time for Christmas. Now that it's done, I'm sure the original will turn up. Murphy's Law. Also a full untouched skein of the Red Velvet sitting here. What to do with it, now that I know it'll easily make two hats and a scarf.

Crocheted most of a shocking turquoise sweater for Dad's beagle Tyler. Need to size it on the beagle-boy before finishing it.

Knitted a 'test' of sorts in one evening in front of the TV -- scribble lace in silver thread and dark blue LB WoolEase Thick'n'Quick. It was...insane but addicting at the same time. Slated to be a gift for an online friend.

Starting a top down hat from the aforementioned TnQ for same aforementioned online friend, will make a mondo-scarf to match, as I have 2-some-odd skeins of this blue stuff left to use up. Hm. Maybe mittens too if I'm feeling crazy enough or I have enough yarn left after mondoscarf.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Oracle sucks. Too much typing and screen-hopping. Phone system is tolerable. Computer at the desk where I sit is a piece of poopie, making the whole Oracle 'experience' even worse. I.T. to re-image it tomorrow. Not holding my breath. Will be 'borrowing' Eric's computer until that's done, most likely. Nice new computer. But will suck because Outlook is a piece of poopie too and I can't access my email.

Finished eyebrow yarn scarf. Need to wash it and put in box to send to Clauie. I know she's about to explode. Maybe I'll be mean and make her wait until Ceci goes down there in December. I expect much reply-age about this comment.

Knitting done since completing scarf: none.

Getting a little crochet in as that requires MUCH less use of my right hand and all the typing at work is F*ing killing me. Have been getting lots of spinning done on the weekends. Might actually finish all of the periwinkle wool this year. Next on list for spinning wheel: Pink variegated superwash. Waiting anxiously for Hound Greensleeves spindle to arrive from Earlyanna.

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