Monday, December 27, 2004

Post #3 in one day? Oh my!

Just updated the photos under the WIPs over there to the right, so there's actually something to see. Click on the WIP's name to see the image.

I'm loving this new camera.

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Two posts in one day, can you handle it? Helen, yes, they're either 'animules' or 'mutts', including the cat, depending on my mood. Or, 'The three dogs'.

Okay, errands are run. This is totally something I don't normally say, but I have to say it. SQUEE! I have a new digital camera! It's a Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z3. Yes, fancy name for 'Press Here Dummy...or play with all these fancy knobs and buttons'. Camera with 256 Meg memory card totalled just under $600. Before you say ouch too loudly, I'd been saving up for it for a LONG time now, AND my Mavica five years ago cost $900. So it wasn't THAT bad, considering it does EVERYTHING I wanted, and a good amount more. Lookee!

And yes, by that image you can tell HIS opinion of the new camera. He's...displeased with the flash. Pfeh. So, I'm hoping to offer up photos of my WIPs and whatnot, FINALLY. Yay!

Oh, and the other errands got run too. *grin*

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Well, it's Monday. Very little of note happened this weekend. What? It was Christmas? Oh, it was, wasn't it. I spent Friday at work, came home and watched TV with the dogs (Ceci and Will drove down to the Valley so it was me and the animules) until I feel asleep on the sofa. Bad idea. My back's killing me.

Saturday. Woke up way earlier than I wanted 'cause Clau called to tell me there was SNOW in Edinburg. Any snow here? Nope. Maybe the holiday and attendant weather went where members of my family were actually bothering to celebrate. Watched more TV then went to hang out with Renee and her daughters and eat Christmas dinner with Renee's boyfriend. (Nice guy, excellent cook, not much of a talker, though. I guess Renee's daughter Hannah makes up for that, though.) Then came home to make sure the dogs were okay and to let them out to potty. Renee rifled through my stash and took home 4 books to read and get inspiration from, Hannah feel in love with Tinny. No surprise there. Then we went back to Renee's to watch Collateral. Intense movie, but I probably would have found it more interesting if there hadn't been constant, and I mean CONSTANT interruptions. Sophia not wanting to go to sleep, showing me all of her Christmas loot, Hannah asking for help with learning to use the new camera she was given, Renee asking for help with HER camera, the dogs walking all over everything, the phone ringing, Hanna's friend Brittany showing up halfway through the movie, Renee getting up to check on Sophia every 10 minutes, Hannah and Brittany talking about all kinds of stuff over the movie....I /think/ I got the jist of the movie. I don't really care to see it again. Went home, watched a little more TV with the mutts before crashing.

Sunday. Lazy day. Watched Hidalgo (borrowed from Renee), thought it was really good. Slacked off when I should have done some chores and played CoH most of the afternoon. Talked to half of Texas on the phone, then lazed around watching TV until Ceci and Will got home. Talked a bit, then they crashed and I piddled until going to sleep.

And we're back to now. Will post more after returning from running errands with Ceci.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Just thought of something else to say.

Need to find a free online image hosting service that will allow me to hotlink images without choking on more than a teensy bit of bandwidth. I just realized how boring my blog looks with miles and miles of text and ZERO images. I heard that Photobucket is not allowing new people, so that's out.

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Purse isn't empty anymore. Yay. Feel free to laugh at me, though. One of the two projects now inhabiting it is...yes, a scarf. What can I say? Wavy was too cool to resist. Oh, and look at that, I just /happened/ to have some stupendously lovely indigo-violet Cascade 220 wool that Joeli sent me to use. (Thank you, Joeli, you must be clairvoyant!) The stuff truly IS as yummy to knit with as everyone said, though...between you and me, I HAVE knitted with softer. But that might be unfair, comparing this commercially processed wool the 19 micron (!!) New Zealand merino that I spun and knitted. ;) Tech stuff: Using Susanne's Ebony and Rosewood circulars, US size 7/4.5mm. Yes, one tip is ebony and the other is rosewood. Haven't seen any like these since I got them. Currently about 3 or 4 rows shy of completing the first full pattern repeat and growing at a respectable pace. (For me. Shush, Monkee. ;) ) Haven't had to use a row counter yet. Nyah.

The other project that is in my purse is a made up as I go along entrelac in garter stitch...rectangle. It's SUPPOSED to become a baby blanket for Ceci when it's done, but we'll see if I actually get that far. Maybe I'll just wuss out and make it like an edge feature with plain garter for the majority of the blanket. We'll see. I'm still enjoying working on it for now. Tech stuff: Red Heart Super Saver, color Mexicana (I think, stuff's been in my stash since BEFORE I learned to knit. Yes, that makes it over 12 YEARS old.) on Crystal Palace Bamboo circulars US size 9/5.5 mm. Nearly done with the first rank of rectangles after the foundation triangles. This thing's pretty slow going, but that's okay for now.

On the non-knitting front:
Joy has seen daylight some this week, nearly filled a spindle in one evening of watching TV with Ceci and Will. The packs of wools that I'm mixing are actually showing signs of diminishing...after starting with EIGHT packs of 6 ounces of wool each, the end is in sight! I'm seriously debating knitting a new cardigan for myself from this wool after it's all spun. My current green-blue wear-everywhere cardigan is yummy and warm, but the mohair content is gradually becoming scratchier than I care for. I'm debating ripping it out and reknitting the wool into...something. Maybe a bag to felt. But the thought of FELTING $160.00 worth of hand processed, hand spun, hand dyed wool from a local farmer in Waxahachie, makes me wince. Maybe I can reknit it into some other garment? But what, considering the scratch factor? Will continue to mull it over while wearing another, light storebought sweatshirt fabric-type sweater under it.

The drop spindles are all sitting idle at the moment, which is fine by me.

Non-fiber musings:
The leather wallet I hand-stitched for my gift exchange recipient at work was a bigger hit with some of the guys that DIDN'T receive it than with Herb, the guy I stayed up til 3am finishing it for. *shrug* One guy, Brandon, kept going back to pester Herb to look at it again. But, at least knowing how enamored Brandon was with it, if I ever get to give him something it will be easy to decide what to give.

In the meantime, all those other leathers I didn't use are sitting there waiting to become something. I'm fairly sure I'm going to go get some more wallet/change purse/checkbook/something innards from Tandy and make something for Gail as I know she would LOVE it, I'm just waiting until after the new year so I don't feel there's any serious pressure. Also, need to finish helping Ceci complete the thing she started for her Secret Pal. Poor, dear, sweet, patient secret pal. I do hope that this thing ends up being worth all the waiting you're having to do.

One of the guys at work mentioned to me in passing that he's made some bead jewelery and he has it for sale at a consignment place nearby. I wandered over on Saturday to take a look see as I'm curious that way, and I must say his pieces were pretty. Not really a style I would make, and if I were to make necklaces of that style I probably wouldn't use tigertail, but they were quite lovely. Got me back to thinking about making some jewelery again. Sigh. Too many hobbies.

Non-hobby musings:
Have been contemplating getting a new car after two (three?) years of not having any car payments. Why? Well, last month sometime Dad mentioned that when Doris's son Jamie gets back from Iraq he's going to (understandably) take his Tahoe back. And since dad turned in his suburban last year because the car payments were ridiculous, that would leave him and Doris down to one car and possibly cause logistical nightmares with doctor's appointments, Doris's job, etc. We talked about him taking my car Misty and my getting a new one which I'd been idly considering anyway, but now I think that Ceci may need Misty more. Her Neon is dying an ugly death, leaking its oil out rather quickly. They already know where the leak is, but don't have the $900 some odd that it will cost to pull the engine out of the car and repair it. So maybe I'll be getting a new car and Misty will be staying here with Ceci. We'll see. One thing's for damn sure. If Ceci starts driving Misty full time, I'm going to keep up the maintenance myself. I don't know how in hell she manages to ruin cars simply by driving them. Maybe neglecting the maintenance? Maybe just harder on them than I am? I don't know. But I would NOT be happy if I saw her drive Misty into the ground like she's done to that poor Neon (and Misty's three years OLDER than the Neon). Ooh, sorry. End mini-rant.

Well, I can't think of much else to say right now so I won't.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Yikes. My purse is empty. I've finished my carry-along knitting project and I can't think of what else to work on. I hesitate to continue any of the jillion things I have on needles for Ceci, considering all the crap she's heard about people not wearing the same size clothes after having a baby. Going thru WIP and UFO pile...

Abuelita Scarf: Only needs blocking.
Baby Kimono: The circulars for it are in Ceci's Soho Turtle sweater's neckline, no telling when that'll be finished now.
Sniper Stuff: I'm STILL WAITING to hear back from Hotknits or Zibibbo. Hello?
Wool Spinning: Duh. Not knitting. Not portable.
Checkpoint Duo: For Ceci. On hold.
Top Down Raglan: For Ceci. On hold.
Gauntlets: Thin yarns make my hand hurt faster. On hold.
Birdcage Cover: Nearly finished and HUGE. Not portable.
Einstein Coat: Possibly going to the frog pond. Again. Not portable.
Draped Halter: Not portable, merely because it's cables in alpaca on slippery needles. NOT the idiot knitting I usually carry around.
Chinchilla Ruana: Huge. Not portable.
Bricks Afghan: Huge. Not portable.
Caribbean Socks: See Gauntlets note above.
Kitty bed for Crackie: Huge. Not portable.
Tyler sweater: Needs to be sized on Tyler. On hold.

So that leaves me with...nothing. What should I work on now? I'm sick of hats and scarves, I can knit them in my sleep and have made too many these past few months. I can't make anything requiring sizing for Ceci and the last thing I knit for myself was such a disaster fit-wise that I have yet to even look at again. Since I need carry-around idiot knitting, it has to fit in my purse to be portable, has to be simple enough that I can work on it for 30 seconds at a time if necessary while at work on the phone between typing and talking on the phone or while sitting at traffic lights in the car. Having to refer to a written pattern more than once a day is out of the question.

Any suggestions?

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Yes, there has been progress on the knitting front, but nothing worth mentioning compared to SOME people.

Making something I can't describe for someone I can't name, really hope to have it done by tomorrow to have it in the mail to make it to the recipient by Christmas. Won't hold my breath, though. I know better. I will say it's Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick n Quick on size 15 needles and going very fast when I actually work on it.

Been working on some stuff for Ceci as all she seems to do anymore is sleep. Hope to finish the finishing on this project for her so she can finally send it on its way to her Secret Pal who has been waiting so incredibly patiently. It's getting closer to done, really!

Gift exchange at work has been assigned. I figured there was no way I'd have time to knit something over ONE weekend, so instead I'm hand-stitching a leather wallet together for my recipient. (Did a sneaky and sent a photo of the seven different colors I bought to choose from to one of my friends at work. He showed the picture to everyone there -- including the recipient -- told them I was going to make a wallet for my brother in law, and took votes on which colors everyone liked. I of course am using the color that my recipient voted for. I have...three or four days left to complete it, and I had to go to Tandy today and buy a whole new stitching kit. I don't know where my original one wandered off to. Oh well. Now I have it all stowed neatly in the GORGEOUS box that my Secret Pal sent me. I really need to post photos some time. Also, I now know what I'm going to do with the lovely little purse clasp that came with the box and all those darned yummy cookies. I have six leather pieces left as well as previously acquired scraps....

Finished another two skeins of the Palanca Farms wool on my spinning wheel. Amazing how fast it goes when I actually pull it out of its carrybag. Also, the wool I spun up on Hound and Wobble is completed, washed to set the twist and everything. Looks to have come out about sport or DK weight, need to do a WPI on it. Suprisingly good amount of yardage, too. About 3 oz total, a little short of 250 yards.

Hm. Anything else to mention? Nothing I can think of. For sure taking Joy to work again Christmas Eve if it's a 'holiday'. I got a LOT of spinning done last time.

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