Thursday, August 17, 2006


Yes, shock and amazement. Well, chill out, it's not THAT impressive.

Brent got a really neat little popup tent as a gift of his relatives, I can't keep track of all of his toys anymore. The tent, though, didn't come with any way to keep it all nice and compacted. If it's not out being played with, it's out getting in the way. So, I took it upon myself to crochet a bag to put it in and keep it all nice and compacted. Photos follow.

It's a perfect circle! Actually, no, it isn't. It's kinda rippled and funky when the tent isn't tucked inside it. But you know what? I don't care. It could be the Fug-Bag and as long as it held the tent okay, I'd be happy. I AM happy. (weaving shuttle in the photo is there to help my camera with color accuracy.) Here you can see the fancy high-tech closure device I figured out for this thing. Yeah. It's two pieces of chain to tie the tops of the bag together. Hey, I warned you that this was just plain old functional. The only interesting thing about it is the day-glow orange Cotton Ease I used to make it. (Precisely one ball of the stuff, I'm actually rather proud of that. Waste not.)
This is fun. The tent is built like those pop-up laundry baskets. If you take it out of the bag and let it go, it SPROINGS open rather violently. Heh. (I narrowly avoided hitting myself with the tent trying to take this photo.) And then it landed on the floor... (yes, that's the crocheted bag it's on top of) And then it's open all the way, with its bag perched on top. Kinda mind-boggling that that big ol' tent fits in that little orange bag, huh?

In other news:

Knitting: Lace insanity plugging along still. I REALLY need to pick up the pace, I want to gift it to Deana for her birthday. And just plain GET IT DONE. Everything else languishing.

Spinning: Got the first spindleful of Falkland laceweight plied, and I'm happy. It's nice. Started the second spindleful. Also got some pretty yellow and pink Nonokitty wool/mohair roving in a swap with Tesoro, started spinning that up. LOVE the way the colors fall. Considering plying it with the black baby alpaca. FINALLY spun up all of that craptastic Ramboulliet. Renee is knitting into something to felt.

Stitch markers: I have more than 20 different sets of markers now (a set being a particular ring/bead combination), with at least 6 to 8 more that need to be glued. Ugh, that's the part that kills me and is slow going. Thankfully I can work on them here at work. Just need to get a fan to put on my desk to blow away the glue fumes and help them dry a bit faster. Considering putting some up on Etsy to see how well they sell, and giving some to Pat at Bluebonnet to try and sell there. We'll see how it goes.

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