Thursday, April 05, 2007

Obligatory yarn pr0n

I took last Friday off of work, and Ceci and I went up to Bluebonnet to hang out. Of course, there was NO way we could walk out of there without ONE of us buying something, so I bought some Manos:

I'm making a stole/wrap/rectangular shawl kind of thing. oh, and the zig-zag pattern? JAYWALKER. Yeah. I'm using the EXACT directions from the sock, just not in the round and with size US 13 needles. And it's growing fast. I took that photo on Sunday, and it's already three times that long. Okay, I don't know about you superfast knitters, but for me when I knit for all of 10 minutes a day, that's FAST for me. So yay for me.


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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yeah. Busy. But it's a good busy. It'd be a bad busy if I didn't have Ceci and the bestest Robin in the world willing to give me what little free time they have to help keep the stitch markers going. Thank you thank you thank you to you both!

New developments of late. New tools to make the new materials easier to work with, I'm so excited! New knitting projects (like I needed more) that are easier on my hands than the two pairs of socks I'm torturing myself with. And both projects are moving along swimmingly. I to get photos of them. Soon. Soon. Spinning's still waiting, sorry Helen. Maybe when/if ever I get caught up on sleep I can lose more getting some spinning done. Well, we can hope, anyway. You know, I really need to get that 1824 on its way to you, now that I have an income tax return that I can use to buy it all in one go. Pester me, Helen, don't let me forget again and I'll order that yarn for you post haste.

But until then, I need to get to sleep. 3 hours of sleep-time already gone, can't afford to lose any more.

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