Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Why do I always post late at night? No idea. *shrug* Anyway.

I FINALLY finished spinning up all of the Palanca Farms wool I've had for....ten years? Click here or on the link in the FO list to the right to see a photo of the pile of skeins. I believe the final total is 19 or 20, with two teeny skeins from finishing off the spindles. The crochet hook and row counter were thrown on the pile as a size reference. I'm so glad to see the stuff done! Now I need to put it away for a while so I can stand to knit it up later.

Now for my random artsy-fartsy photo of the week:

Who can guess what that is a photo of? And no, Monkee, it's not "branches". ;)

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Should've been asleep hours ago. Shame on me. Had to post quickly. Almost done with first skein of Cascade 220 on Wavy, just completed the...fifth repeat, I think. It's growing quickly, and I lost my printout of the pattern weeks ago. The only thing I still rely on is that little bit of light-colored thread. That tells me which side is the one where the ribbing shifts.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Peatbogfaery: Yes, those needles I'm using on Wavy are two different colors. One needle is ebony, the other is rosewood. I've yet to see another set like them. All of the ebony and rosewood sets I've seen/purchased since have had both tips the same. I love my needles.

Zilker Kite Festival - a lot of fun. Zero knitting time. My friend Sara and her daughter Danielle went with me and had more fun than I did.

To see more photos, go here and check out the entire album.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Wow, I've actually made progress this week. Wavy is on the...fourth? repeat now, Angelina is almost three inches long, and my periwinkle roving is almost GONE. That is EXCITING. I've been spinning this stuff for years. Literally. The baby kimono hasn't moved, but it's been sitting here waiting for me. As fast as it knits up, I feel no stress.

Flash Your Stash: Wendy's starting a silly and fun little 'stash-along', getting everyone to photograph their yarn stashes. My stash would require at least...two photos to fit it all in. Ceci suggested I spread it out on the yard and photograph it from the roof for maximum impact. I don't know...

Zilker Kite Festival tomorrow! I can't wait! Of course there will be photos....and I've run out of stuff to say.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

I need to get to sleep earlier. Pfeh. I'll sleep when I'm dead. Submitted for your perusal, more photoage, this time of WIPs. See them all in my gallery over there behind the photo of my camera. (Yes, that is as silly as it sounds, a picture of a camera.) Here's a preview:

I'll work on getting them put behind the progress bar links over to the right....later.

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