Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yes. I'm a slacker. I'm sure you're all very used to it by now.

FOs - Yes, I actually have FOs to report. Orange and green Robin-froofy-butt scarf, check. Car seat should strap padding things for Brent, check. And the following:

This is Bloo.

Bloo is very happy.

He has his own sweater! YAY!


WIPs: Buck's Bar handspun is nearly done, I have it all spun up, just need to ply the last two spindles' worth, then set the twist on all six skeins for Renee. Lace Insanity is more than half done, and of course Helen's is completely done. And now Robin's test knitting it too, from the charts to make sure those make sense. I'm really lucky to have so many kick butt FAST knitters around willing to decipher my scribbles into something resembling a real pattern. Spinning is still whenever I can get away from the Monster.

Non-knitting: Made up a CRAPload of stitch markers, see? (Okay, you can only see a few in the images. There were enough to cover an entire size K afghan hook, and half of a size US7 Brittany Birch straight needle.) The teeny ones (made specifically for lace) were a BEAR to glue, but very much worth it now that they're done. Problem, I'm almost out of my copper wire, danger Will Robinson, danger! Time to go find more. I'm thinking of getting some nicer wire for future stitch markers, the cheapo gold and silver from Hobby Lobby tarnish something nasty and smell gross too. So now I just need to find where to get better wire. Maybe the Rock Barrell can help...

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