Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Estes Park

There is too much to relate quickly, and I'm just not mentally with-it enough to type out a major long post. So, I'll sum up. (And add photos later. Bad Gallery. No cookie.)

Trip to Estes: fast, effortless. Bradshaw Cottages yet again wonderful beyond wonderful.

Thursday: Altitude sickness sucks. Galina Khmeleva is really fricking awesome. Chendra (aka TheRedHead) is also really fricking awesome. Connie is a total sweetheart.

Friday: Orenburg lace techniques are mind-blowing. Chendra is worse than awesome, she's an evil enabler!

Saturday: Wool Market is crazy-fun-hectic. Many people are really fricking awesome, the fleece Robin picked out to buy wins THREE ribbons in judging, and Chendra is the most evil of all evil enablers. I bought a spinning wheel because of her. But Galina said I should continue spindle spinning, 'cause it's "good".

Sunday: Slept late. Blissful. Robin and I drive up the mountain to see what there is to see, and knit at 12,000 feet. Then we crawl back down saying 'owie headache'. Went back to wool market to pick up Robin's judged yarn and shawl, spend the rest of my life savings, and get one more hug from Galina.

Monday: (happy birthday me!) Wake up painfully early, get back to airport, eat birthday chocolate cookie in airport, fly home with goofy funny flight attendant guy, slug about at Dad and Mamash's ('cause I forgot to bring a house key) until Ceci picks me up after work.

Tuesday: Dying of the plague. *sniffle* Colds suck.

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