Friday, August 08, 2008

Momentous Event

Please, come inside.

Please pardon that most everything is still in boxes...except Lenny and my yarn, of course.

Of course, the electronics are vital to existence, so they're set up and running already, though not in their final 'homes'.

My actual desk is over here on this other wall...and covered with STUFF and boxes right now.

Wondering why you haven't seen a bed yet? That's because it's over here. Yes, inside the CLOSET. Hey, it fits, so why not?

The chest of drawers will also fit in there, so it's essentially a tiny bedroom, with my actual 'room' becoming a sitting room of sorts. I really like this idea. Oh, and here's another bonus: I have my own (private) bathroom.

I really like the googley-eyed fishies on the curtain.

Oh, and Crackbaby? He made himself right at home REALLY fast.

See how at home he already appears to be? This makes me very happy.

Okay, enough photo-spam from me. I promise once this weekend is over and I'm done moving my stuff over I'll sit down and write out a nice, long, WORDY post. I'm sure you're ALL just waiting with bated breath for that one, huh? (not.) :D

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