Thursday, September 11, 2008

*gasp!* Finished Objects

You okay? You didn't faint and fall down and hurt yourself, did you? I hope not. Anyway. I've actually managed to get a couple of things done, surprise surprise. Photos follow.

Crochet: I bought two skeins of Berroco Comfort DK just for the heck of it, to see how I felt about the yarn. Survey says... it's SERIOUSLY nice stuff. Here's what I made from the two skeins:

It's now a shop sample at Gauge, at least until some toddler latches onto it and won't let go. I can tell it's meant to be a woobie, and it's just waiting for the right kid.

Spinning: I FINALLY finished spinning up the burnished piece of the luxury sampler that the Redhead gave me in Estes Park. I wanted to maximize yardage, so I plied it with the plying silk I bought from Galina Khmeleva, also in Estes Park. Photos:

First, an in progress photo of the fiber on the spindle.

And now a photo of the finished yarn. Robin is going to set the twist on the yarn for me (I really need to learn to do it properly myself, but she's just so much better and faster at it than I am) and then send it up to the Redhead along with some other things.

And a yarn pr0n closeup...

No knitting stuff to report, but I DID add some new stitch markers to my online store. That's it from me for now.

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