Monday, February 02, 2009

Cat Supervision

Apparently, my cat has decidedthat my typing requires his personal supervision. He has taken to laying across my arms when I'm at my laptop, making typing an...interesting challenge. So please pardon any typos you see in this post. I'm not making them on purpose. Honest.

Knitting: I actually feel like I accomplished something since Christmas. I finished ... let's see ... two cowls, a crocheted shawl, a bumblebee surprise jacket...I think that's more FOs than in the entire past year all together. Wow. In progress, I have Mamash's Orenburg lace shawl, a worsted weight BSJ, and a darkside cowl for myself. The Cap shawl got frogged, I did some mah and realized I have less than 1300 yards and the pattern calls for 1700. Oops. So now i'm in the market for a good, unique shawl pattern that takes about 1250 yards. Faroese would be fabulous, 3/4 circle or square would be really nice too. I have one good prospect, but I can't find my copy of Big Girl Knits. Darnit.

Crochet: Mamash's pentagon shawl is moving slowly but surely. And I'm feeling the hankering to start some other crocheted project. I really ought to. One just isn't enough to keep my interest. Hm. I'll have to see what projects call to me.

Spinning: The Falkland on my lace spindle is still moving along slowly slowly but steadily. I have two full bobbins of wool that Robin dyed for me, and enough roving to fill a third. I'm planning on a true three-ply. It's my biggest endeavor to date.

Stitch markers: After sending out a newletter asking my customers if they like the photos I've been putting up (collages of 4 different shots of each marker) or if just one photo would suffice. Taking only one photo of each marker would sure save me a LOT of time. Well, after a few replies saying "One is fine!" that's what Iv'e started doing. And it's starting to show in the amount of inventory I have online now. And I have still more to assemble, so my work isn't nearly complete.

And now, feline domination of my computer is complete. Have to stop typing now. This is what I'm up against:

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